NetPaark cyber cafe is the first cyber center to provide cartridge refilling service in Pondicherry. Thus we help the Pondicherry’s go green with our cartridge refilling services. We have equipped our cafe with a total of 11 modern computers exclusively for our customers. Each computer terminal is equipped with full services networked printing, all common application programs, etc. With the highest possible security to ensure unwanted intrusion and virus/worms attack.


On 10 September 2006, we started our cyber cafe in Pondicherry licensed for small scale industries by Govt. of Pondicherry. The purpose of our inception was to provide internet accessed service mainly for students as well as professionals. We started our modest business by providing a high standard of service, different sections catering to computing, the most modern computer peripherals enabling customers to do their work, simply browse the net. We update the latest internet-related technology from time to time. Currently, we also have attracted a significant number of happy and loyal customers. Our firm commitment to provide excellent customer service has been the key to our success. 


We plan to emerge as a leading internet cafe chain in Pondicherry with ‘n’ number of branches in every nook and corners of India, to be best-loved and chosen by everyone for education, requirements(state, central, bank’s, insurance) & uninterrupted service for all the internet related demands & necessities like printing, scanning, imaging & laminating, to list a few. 


We provide high-speed internet and the cheapest way to get online since we aspire to come out as the leading internet café chain in India. Our cafe’s mission features the height of technology and innovation to make sure our clients have access to the connected community and world. We aim at becoming the number one internet cafe in Pondicherry by providing high-speed internet, high-quality prints (color & laser), quicker delivery of the refilled cartridges with 100% customer satisfaction, all at reasonable rates. 


We impose censoring regimes, therefore access to pornographic and adult-oriented sites is strictly obstructed.

Grade school and high school students are not allowed to browse or play games during school hours.